Unified Biometric sensor embedded in fabrics

FabriXense is a privately held company developing touchless Unified Fabric Biometric Sensor for wellness & health monitoring in a way that it is Agnostic to the type of biometric measurement, subject’s clothing and environmental influences.

Fabrixense’ Vision is to provide the ability for health monitoring to a pregnant women and her fetus from the ovulation period through the pregnancy and for infant health monitoring.

FabriXense is developing a new wearable, continuous and contactless smart cloth for monitoring the mother-to-be and her fetus for having a healthy pregnancy period. Like with anything health-related, the earlier a problem is detected during the pregnancy and diagnosed, the better chance there is of a positive outcome. The smart cloth sensor receives signals from mom-to-be and her fetus for monitoring biomedical parameters that are reflected by tiny body motions such as fetal heartbeat & movements, woman’s heartbeat, breath, blood pressure and Contractions of birth. The parameters will be send to the mom-tobe mobile application and in parallel to her doctors’ clinic database for examination in advance if there is a problem.